Grovespring Horses

379558_10150420318584512_1061707191_nRocky – Rocky has been Susan’s all around champ for years. He’s a 16.2 hand 24 year oldphoto 2 Thoroughbred. Rocky is prince charming of Grovespring and is known around the barn for his quirkiness and ‘in your pocket’ nature. He’s spoiled by everyone who meets him and loved by all. He has been with Susan for years, earning him the rights to ruling the barn.

photo 3Miles – Miles is Rocky’s counterpart. He’s a 16.2 hand Thoroughbred that Kris Deal has fox-hunted for years. Miles is a local celebrity, he’s won the Virginia Gold Cup twice under trainer Neil Morris. From his former life as an amazing racehorse, to his life now leading the field with Rappahannock Hunt, he is truly a delight to have in the barn.969048_4756015667589_1123840332_n




Tootsie – The newest addition to the Grovespring Family. Tootsie Pop is a 15 hand, 5 year old, Warmblood/Thoroughbred cross. She is well started under saddle and we are excited to see where she is headed. She has a great mind and loves to please.

Klaus – is a 3 year old 15h bay Welsh/Warmblood/Thoroughbred cross.He is a cutie pie. He’s curious about everything and has an in your pocket attitude. He’s learning how to be a real horse now, coming in the barn and standing in cross ties, getting bathed, and transforming from a scraggly field pony, to a fancy guy. We cannot wait to get him under saddle and see what he’s working with.

Flash – Flash is the heart of Grovespring Farm. At only 12 hands and 45 years old, he’s photo 1the oldest school horse on the farm. His years of experience and bombproof nature have earned him the spot of head beginner pony. He’s started a majority of the child riders on the farm. He’s the pony used to teach beginner riders everything from sitting in the saddle to posting the trot. He’s been featured with Susan on You can view the video by clicking this link

Gadget – Where Flash teaches early riders to post, Gadget teaches them to Fox-hunt. He’s a Welsh cross, 12 hand gem. He get’s his way around the barn because of his beautiful Dark Bay coloring and big white blaze, and his sweet nature of looking for treats. You can view the video of Susan and Gadget working together on teaching a young rider the correct position by clicking the following link


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